Depot Theater Guild

Charter - April 28, 2002

Mission & Purpose

To enhance the awareness and assist in the goals of the Depot Theater Company as a community theater group.

To stimulate interest in the dramatic arts through involvement in education, productions, programs and travel.

Annual fundraiser to assist the Company in providing quality theater.

Working together we can insure the success of theater in Dodge City and the surrounding area.


Membership in the Guild is open to anyone who enjoys theater and is interested in the betterment of the community through involvement in the arts.  Helping make it all possible is the auxillary guild.  As supporting players, the volunteers help bring theater to life.  Members are vitally important because of their assistance during the annual fundraiser, and their support of theater events.

Dues are $20 per individual per year, and the membership year is July 1 - June 30.

Checks may be sent to:

Depot Theater Guild

PO Box 776

Dodge City, KS  67801