Depot Theater Turns to Donors for Matching Funds


The Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas has offered the Depot Theater Company a matching funds challenge over the next two years.

The challenge goal for the Depot Theater Company is to raise $40,000 both years for a total of $80,000. The Community Foundation will match the funds 2-to-1, bringing the potential total funding to $240,000 through the Foundation.

Retired Judge Dan Love was named as honorary chair of the matching fund challenge.

“The Depot Theater has been a real asset for our community,” Love said. “My wife Beth and I have been attending plays since the early 1980s, and I’m happy to help continue the legacy of the theater.”

The matching funds will go to serve an incredibly important function – keeping the theater’s doors open while maintaining high quality performances each season. Half of the funds received will go into an endowment for the Depot Theater. The remaining half will go to operating costs for the theater itself.

“The Depot Theater fills what would be a noticeable need in the culture and entertainment options in our community,” Love said. “It’s the only theater production company of its caliber between Wichita and Denver, and it’s something we have to hold on to.”

The funds come at a needed time, as the company pushes past three decades of productions. Depot Theater Company CEO and Director of Fundraising Ila Siders said that the importance of this matching grant challenge could not be understated.

 “I am not being melodramatic when I say that we absolutely depend on donors and supporters to keep the roof over our heads and the brick and mortar intact,” Siders said. “This matching grant challenge is a huge step towards maintaining our facilities and productions.”

Depot Theater Company Board Member and Matching Fund Chair Eric Haselhorst is leading the charge of the matching funds from the board’s perspective.

 Haselhorst said that the matching funds push was a key part in making the Depot Theater sustainable.

“The goal of the theater is not to simply survive, but to thrive,” he said. “The Depot relies heavily on the generosity of our donors, and the matching grant program allows your gifts to be amplified.”

To donate to the Depot Theater, visit their website at or call 620-225-1001 to discuss donation opportunities.

The Depot Theater Company is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, so all donations made to the Depot Theater are fully deductible to the extent the law allows.